GMB Page Marked As Permanently Closed?

Is your business marked as permanently closed? This is a very common issue and can sometimes be triggered by sneaky competitors trying to get your listing out of the local packs. It’s really important you keep an eye on your Google+ page as Google Map Maker allows strangers to suggest edits to your page and sometimes these incorrect suggestions can be authorised.


What doesn’t help the situation of your business being marked as closed is that it is shown in a large red banner as seen in the GIF below. This makes it stand out and can have a big impact on the trust that viewers have for your business. Many viewers will leave and look for another business that is shown as open.

#1 – Flag It

As you can see below, this is an example of a business that has been marked as permanently closed. Eric reached out to me to help him with this issue and I managed to get it corrected following these steps: Start off by clicking on the arrow in the red banner where it says ‘Permanently Closed’. This will open a small tab below and will show a ‘Report’ button. Simply click ‘Report’ and your issue should be sorted shortly.


I have done this before and it has fixed it almost instantly, but I guess it could take anywhere up to 24 hours.  The animated image below should give you a better idea of where to click.


#2 – Contact GMB Support

The other option that you can choose is to directly contact GMB support either via a phone call or via Twitter. If you decide that you want to call them, simply click this link and follow the steps. This will get you through to the right team and you will then be able to explain your issue.


You are also able to get in touch with the support team via Twitter if you wish to, as Joy Hawkins (Local SEO expert in the US) has reported for the twitter team to be much better at getting things sorted.


I honestly hope you get your issue sorted, but feel free to get in touch with me if you can’t get it solved and I will see what I can do.