You might not like what you are about to hear…spam still works. Spam is all too common, especially in the local pack of the google search results. I’ve been doing this for just under 4 years now and I still come across cases that surprise me. I recently had a locksmith hijack a local cafe’s Google+ so that he could have a listing in that area. I guess he didn’t give a frapp-e.

(I just had to, sorry)

A simple 5 minute check each week/month is all it needs to keep your spammy competitors from getting that undeserved spot at the top. They may still naturally rank above you due to other factors, but it’s best to clean it up anyway.

How To Find It

Finding it is easy. All you need to do is search for the terms that you wish to rank for. So if you were a roofer for example, you would search things like: roofer, roofing company, roof repairs. Of course you would add the target location onto the end of the search terms. You then have a look at the local pack and look for signs of spam. Here is an example:

Competitor Spam

The third listing for David Evans shouldn’t really include ‘Birmingham’ at the end of his GMB name, as his real¬†business name is ‘David Evans Roofing Ltd’.By adding the location onto the end of your GMB name, this can increase your rankings a significant amount.

How To Report It

  1. Firstly, you need to be signed in to your Google account.
  2. Click ‘More Places’ at the bottom of the local pack. (As shown in image above)
  3. Then click on the listing you wish to report. This should open a box to the right with all of the business details.
  4. In that box, should be a ‘Suggest and edit’ button. Click it.
  5. Then select which part of the listing you wish to change and make your changes
  6. Click send

You suggestions will now be sent for approval. I have seen changes automatically approved, but I have also experienced suggestions taking 3 months+ to get approved. Sometimes your changes will be rejected, even though they may be genuine.  You will just need to resubmit your suggestion.