What’s your goal? Why are you doing marketing? Most likely to get more customers. So why do you focus on meaningless KPIs?

On a regular basis, a new enquiry will say to me something along the lines of:

“This guy I have spoken to said he can guarantee me 500 clicks every month for £200, what can you do to beat it?”

There are two things that I hate about that question. Who in the world can guarantee to get you 500 clicks & why do clicks show the true value of your marketing efforts? Let’s say you are a plumber in London, I could get you 500 click tomorrow if I wanted. It doesn’t mean that they are clicks from relevant people wanting a plumber, they could be people from China for all you know!

How much is a click worth to you?

Clicks or impressions don’t mean anything if they are not from the right people. If your main goal is to increase customers, I would suggest you start with tracking conversions. Enquiries will be your main KPI, so by setting up conversion tracking you will be able to see what marketing efforts are working best.

This can provide huge benefits for all businesses, especially if you have a tight marketing budget. Let’s say you spend £500 a month on PPC and £300 a month on Social Media and you get on average 20 enquiries a month. So which one performs the best? Without this information, you have no data to work with to help improve your ROI. This is where the conversion tracking will step in. It will allow you to see what marketing efforts have driven the most enquiries allowing you to make more informed decisions leading to even better results.

It’s that simple.

So the next time you plan on doing any marketing, have a quick think about why you are doing it and be sure to choose the correct KPI.