How To Remove Fake Reviews On Google

Getting a fake review can be painful, no matter your current situation. You could have 30+ five-star reviews or you could have no reviews at all but either way, that fake review will have some form of impact on your your business and its reputation. Fake reviews can be moved from a GMB page, but it’s not easy. If the review is irrelevant or off topic, Google will agree to remove it but if it sounds genuine, you might have a bigger battle on your hands.

Fake reviews and business profiles on Google are a huge problem. Google recently announced that in 2019, they removed 4 million fake business profiles from Google My Business along with 75 million policy-violating reviews from local profiles.

1. Flag It

When viewing your GMB reviews, you have the option to flag them if they are spam, off-topic etc. Simply click the little grey flag, choose the most relevant reason for why you are reporting it and then submit it. Google will then analyse your submission and see if your reason is valid. You should receive an email from Google once they have made their decision.

Before you can attempt solution 2, you must flag the review first otherwise Google will not deal with your query. So flag it and leave it a few days. If the review is still there, continue with the next steps.

2. Contact GMB Support

This is pretty much the same as solution 1 but I have found that this sometimes works quicker. Simply click this link and fill in the fields. The Google support team will call you shortly after you submit the request and will discuss it over the problem over the phone. Word of warning – they are pretty stupid, so don’t be afraid to repeat yourself several times to get the message across.

In The Meantime

Unfortunately, you may not be able to get the review removed. If the person who left the review has made it sound like a genuine customer, Google will most likely not remove it. I know the idea of that isn’t great, but you can still do something about it. Google allows you to respond to reviews, so take the opportunity to make it obvious to other viewers that the review is fake. Here is an example of a reply I would use:

“Dear *Name*, I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our service/product. I have checked our accounts and it appears that we don’t have your name listed as a previous customer, but I would be more than happy to deal with your problem if you could get in touch …”

Not perfect, but you get the idea. I would suggest that you check your reviews once a month as part of your SEO checkup, just to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Ryan Scollon

I'm a freelance PPC Consultant & Google Partner, providing affordable search marketing services to businesses and agencies across the UK. I have over 7 years of digital marketing experience, working on 200+ projects and have been featured on the likes of Search Engine Land, WordStream, SEMrush, Moz & The Independent.