Case Study: PPC For Chauffeur Company

Birmingham, UK

This client was new to the industry after deciding to go at it on his own and was eager to increase his brand awareness and generate some short term leads. They originally came to me with the intention of doing some SEO work but with their goals and budget that they had in mind, I advised them to start with a PPC campaign.


Within a few days. I was able to set up a simple search campaign targeting a 10 mile radius around Birmingham. As the client was brand new to PPC, I was able to talk them through each step to give them a better understanding of how it all works.


Within 2 weeks of the campaign being live, the client had already started to receive some promising leads. This continued as time went on and I was able to further optimise the campaigns as part of the monthly management, thanks to the conversion data.


Just 2 months later, the client was able to invest in an SEO campaign and within 4 months of running the SEO, the client had to request that all PPC campaigns were paused as they were fully booked.


Unfortunately, as this was a brand new campaign for a brand new business, we have no stats to compare. But in the final weeks of the PPC campaign being live, we were seeing click through rates of 19% and conversion rates of 12%.