Case Study: PPC For Lead Generation Company

London, UK

This lead generation company was a fairly new business. They had been running PPC for 4 months before approaching me. Their main goal was to generate leads for boiler replacement and boiler finance across the whole of the UK. They had been running the campaign with no conversion tracking, which means we were missing a huge chunk of data.

While the client knew that the PPC was working ok, they knew there was potential for more. Within a few hours of the initial email, we had a quick phone call and a PPC audit had been carried out. We then had a plan of action in place of what needed improving in the account. With a few small tweaks and the conversion tracking in place, the campaign was resumed.

Just 3 days later, the client reported that leads had doubled which is something we did not expect considering we had only made a few small tweaks. With the conversion data that I needed, I could now see what keywords, ads, landing pages, devices and time of day performed the best. We were then able to continue fine tweaking the account, achieving a conversion rate of 33%.

Unfortunately there was no previous conversion data to compare to but based on the clients feedback, it’s clear that there have been big improvements from this account.